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Mark Birch

Mark Birch


NYC tech investor & entrepreneur; sales leader at Stack Overflow & founder of Enterprise Sales Forum; eats too many dumplings and listens to death metal

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New York
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Hong Kong
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San Francisco
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Liste recenti di Mark
Mark Birch
1 posti aggiornati Agosto 25, 2018
Places to eat in Bangkok, that are awesome...
Mark Birch
1 posti aggiornati Agosto 6, 2013
1 posto incluso Ippolito's Seafood
Mark Birch
36 posti aggiornati Agosto 6, 2013
36 posti incluso Southwark, 10 Arts, Village Whiskey, Xochitl
Mark Birch
9 posti aggiornati Luglio 8, 2013
The best places for dumplings in Flushing, Queens or better known as the other Chinatown in NYC. Check out future tour dates https://www.uniiverse.com/users/mark-birch-H4P6W
Mark Birch
3 posti aggiornati Giugno 14, 2013
Samsung and Foursquare team up to help you discover great new places. http://foursquare.com/timemachine
Mark Birch
34 posti aggiornati Maggio 22, 2013
34 posti incluso Din Tai Fung, Nha Trang, Yun Yan, Lei Garden Restaurant
    Consigli recenti di Mark
    "All the buns on offer are great, just be careful to wait for them to cool, otherwise you will definitely burn your mouth on the steaming hot broth inside."
    Mark BirchMark Birch · Settembre 4, 2018
    · 中環, Hong Kong
    "Classic Thai cuisine, everything is tasty and spicy. Get the spicy beef balls, fried enoki mushrooms, fried chicken, special fried rice w/ meatball, green curry, oyster omelette, tom yum kung soup."
    Mark BirchMark Birch · Agosto 26, 2018
    · Bangkok, Thailandia
    "Great down-to-earth Thai restaurant that has been in business since 1969 and is well-known for their spicy beef balls. The beef balls are indeed excellent as is all the rest of the food I ate there."
    Mark BirchMark Birch · Agosto 25, 2018
    · Bangkok, Thailandia
    "Greek salad is pretty solid, beef gyro was very good. Service was super friendly."
    Mark BirchMark Birch · Settembre 5, 2015
    Tavola Calda
    · Washington, Stati Uniti
    "The beer might be luke warm, but the people are lightning hot. The brainpower generated here is practically nuclear!"
    Mark BirchMark Birch · Marzo 20, 2014
    Spazio di lavoro in comune
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "You probably want to stick with the chicken and biscuits."
    Mark BirchMark Birch · Febbraio 8, 2014
    Pollo fritto
    · Milford, Stati Uniti