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Lindsay Eyink
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Lindsay Eyink
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    Consigli recenti di Lindsay
    "Luigi is amazing and so sweet. The best Italian food we've had in Berlin. Wine, pasta, cheese, charcuterie, and daily specials are all top notch. All the staff is super welcoming too."
    Lindsay EyinkLindsay Eyink · 4 giorni fa
    · Berlino, Germania
    "The chocolate truffles are amazing. Also sit down for a glass of wine + some amazing bread and cheese."
    Lindsay EyinkLindsay Eyink · 4 giorni fa
    · Berlino, Germania
    "Really cozy, friendly, and wonderful place. Nice book selection, pop-up shop by Salt & Cedar, and poetry readings."
    Lindsay EyinkLindsay Eyink · 4 giorni fa
    · Berlino, Germania
    "Hands down the best Christmas market in Berlin. All booths are non-profit. Lots of hand made stuff by local groups & schools. Be sure to walk down side streets and paths in the old village too."
    Lindsay EyinkLindsay Eyink · 4 giorni fa
    Mercato natalizio
    · Berlino, Germania
    "This place is always packed. Finally sat down, had wine, and Italian food from the place next door. Good food, wine, and no fuss. Seems to be what all the locals do!"
    Lindsay EyinkLindsay Eyink · 4 giorni fa
    · Amburgo, Germania
    "Old DDR radio station turned venue and the home studio of Nils Frahm. Extremely special place for concerts."
    Lindsay EyinkLindsay Eyink · 4 giorni fa
    Luogo per concerti
    · Berlino, Germania