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The Land Of Nod is one of Quotes/Jokes 3.

1. The Land Of Nod

Spring, TX
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2. Di halaman rindu

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MazzaMazza: To the world..you might be just one person...but to me you are the world.....♥♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♡♥....luv you..

Cooking Up A Scheme is one of Quotes/Jokes 3.

3. Cooking Up A Scheme

Spring, TX
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Biar Mimpi Sampai Ke Bintang is one of Quotes/Jokes 3.

4. Biar Mimpi Sampai Ke Bintang

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DieraDiera: ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

Valentín Garden Center is one of Quotes/Jokes 3.

5. Valentín Garden Center

Av. del Mar s/n (CV-945), Els Montesins, Comunità Valenciana
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DianaDiana: Letting go is as important as holding on. Sometimes when U have loved more than U can U need to realize U need to let go not because U don't love anymore but because there is more hurt than love

Mama Rosa's Pizza is one of Quotes/Jokes 3.

6. Mama Rosa's Pizza

365-399 Florida 50, Titusville, FL
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Victoria C.Victoria Corrente: What for bus and maybe a cab and my wheelchair in cab will get you there faster

Faith-Hope-Believe is one of Quotes/Jokes 3.

7. Faith-Hope-Believe

Keep believing (Private Venue), CM
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Banksy :: #14 is one of Quotes/Jokes 3.

8. Banksy :: #14

69th Street and 38th Avenue, Queens, NY
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Cooper S.Cooper Smith: "Some people criticize me for using sources that are a bit low brow but you know what? "I'm just going to use that hostility to make me stronger, not weaker" as Kelly Rowland said on the X Factor."

9. HSH💋

Round Rock, TX
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10. Petaluma Marsh

Petaluma, CA
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Donnie ☠.Donnie ☠: You can try and try but can't force things to work so learn to step away! <3

Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood is one of Quotes/Jokes 3.

11. Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood

6801 Hollywood Blvd Ste 105, California
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Natali l.Natali lee †: Good night ★★★★★★★★

my house is one of Quotes/Jokes 3.

12. my house

West Lafayette, IN
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Amanda G.Amanda G: Check the people you surround yourself with, and make the needed changes.

13. Newport Lexus

3901 Macarthur Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA
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KarenKaren: Thank you, Longo Lexus! They are the best in customer service, by far! Can't say enough good things about them.