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Jonas Caruana

Jonas Caruana


Athlete. World traveler. Always run for the bus!

Vancouver, Canada
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  • San Francisco
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San Francisco
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North Vancouver
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New York
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Jonas Caruana
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Jonas Caruana
20 posti aggiornati Giugno 14, 2014
20 posti incluso The Taste & See Coffee Shop, Brassneck Brewery, Earnest Ice Cream, Nice Cafe
Jonas Caruana
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Jonas Caruana
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Jonas Caruana
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Jonas Caruana
27 posti aggiornati Giugno 2, 2013
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    Consigli recenti di Jonas
    "Their fish isn't Oceanwise - take your business elsewhere! (So many businesses that support Oceanwise in Vancouver)"
    Jonas CaruanaJonas Caruana · Ottobre 26, 2015
    · Vancouver, Canada
    "Tip for the cyclists: make a pit-stop here and refuel with a delicious maple doughnut. Two if it's a big ride ;) PS: cash or debit only, no credit."
    Jonas CaruanaJonas Caruana · Aprile 26, 2015
    Bar Caffè
    · North Vancouver, Canada
    "Hit the Wraps bar and get something with pulled pork - they pile it high and the sandwich is HUGE. Good fuel for a day on the hill!"
    Jonas CaruanaJonas Caruana · Gennaio 7, 2015
    · Whistler, Canada
    "I knew when I saw Lillet behind the bar that this was a classy establishment. Brunch is incredible. They can be faster at turning around empty tables."
    Jonas CaruanaJonas Caruana · Agosto 17, 2014
    Bar Caffè
    · Vancouver, Canada
    "There's only one way to savour all these flavours: get a flight and an extra waffle cone on the side!"
    Jonas CaruanaJonas Caruana · Giugno 1, 2014
    · Portland, Stati Uniti
    "Ed (owner) and Nick are no BS and awesome. They are bike fit ninjas. They'll learn what you need and show you what's best for you, not what earns them most margin. Highly, highly recommend."
    Jonas CaruanaJonas Caruana · Maggio 23, 2014
    Negozio di biciclette
    · Vancouver, Canada