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John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑

John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑

我叫邓忠威。 我是擦地夫人。我不是英国兰人-我是威尔士人。

Cardiff, Wales
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John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑
1 posti aggiornati Aprile 14, 2015
1 posto incluso Café Glockenspiel
John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑
7 posti aggiornati Aprile 28, 2015
7 posti incluso Checkpoint Charlie, Hackescher Markt, Volkskammer - Das DDR Design Restaurant, Curry Mitte
John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑
13 posti aggiornati Luglio 5, 2014
13 posti incluso Hotel Swing Krakow, The Westin Warsaw, Katedra św. Jana Chrzciciela, Holiday Inn Berlin - City West
John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑
9 posti aggiornati Marzo 14, 2017
9 posti incluso The Mall, London 2012 Shop, Olympic Stadium, The Knights Templar (Wetherspoon)
John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑
26 posti aggiornati Maggio 22, 2012
26 posti incluso Cardiff University Security Centre, Cardiff University International Office, Cardiff University Humanities Building, Centre for Lifelong Learning
John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑
18 posti aggiornati Agosto 19, 2011
18 posti incluso Royal Welsh Showground, Hailey Park, Caerphilly Common, Cathays Park
    Consigli recenti di John 忠威 suɐɥ
    "Sehr interessant aber das App ist nicht so gut"
    Museo d'arte
    · Weimar, Germania
    "Good simple food prepared by fully trained volunteers with profits going to the church."
    Sala da tè
    · Regno Unito
    "Spartan austere building with a few shops and toilet right at end of the building. Useful if you need the toilet but best avoid otherwise."
    Aree di sosta
    · Stanford, Regno Unito
    "Gut Kaffee gut Kuchen."
    John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑 · Marzo 22, 2018
    Bar Caffè
    · Cardiff, Regno Unito
    "Lecker Kuchen und Kaffee. Gemütlich Café"
    John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑 · Marzo 22, 2018
    Bar Caffè
    · Cardiff, Regno Unito
    "They offer an “early bird” menu. You get a starter, a main (curry), rice, and papadoms with pickles all for a bargin price."
    John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑John 忠威 suɐɥ Dyke🐑 · Giugno 5, 2016
    · Cowbridge, Regno Unito