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Jeeves Williams

Jeeves Williams


Exclusively wears shorts.

Portsmouth, UK · Superuser icon?Superuser Livello 3
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Jeeves Williams
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Jeeves Williams
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Jeeves Williams
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    Consigli recenti di Jeeves
    "Best food in Portsmouth, and every order contributes to an incredible charitable cause! Big portions, brilliant value, and legitimately nice staff who really listen to customers."
    Jeeves WilliamsJeeves Williams · Aprile 11, 2018
    · Portsmouth, Regno Unito
    "Every time someone orders food at Need Street Food, they’re funding shipments of life-saving food to children in need. Need Street Food work with their charity partner Plump’d to fund the shipments."
    Jeeves WilliamsJeeves Williams · Febbraio 14, 2018
    · Portsmouth, Regno Unito
    "Best coffeeshop in Portsmouth. Social enterprise supporting the vulnerable, kindest staff, awesome local illustrations on the cups celebrating local celebs. Impeccable coffee, delicious toasties."
    Jeeves WilliamsJeeves Williams · Luglio 8, 2017
    · Portsmouth, Regno Unito
    "Home of StrongLiving PT, with the lovely and immensely knowledgeable and skilled personal trainer Shelley Buxey! Who is rather good at dabbing."
    Jeeves WilliamsJeeves Williams · Febbraio 21, 2017
    Galleria d'arte
    "Slow service considering how bland and sparse of ingredients the pizza was. Decent pasta, though, and a reasonable handful of beers for a seaside Italian."
    Jeeves WilliamsJeeves Williams · Luglio 29, 2016
    · Brighton, Regno Unito
    "Sandwiched between The Pyramids Centre and Southsea Castle. Great outdoor space for picnics or workouts. Hosts many events through the year, from Rural & Seaside Show to Southsea Fitness Festival."
    Jeeves WilliamsJeeves Williams · Giugno 15, 2016
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    · Portsmouth, Regno Unito