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New York, NY
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Jay DiPietro
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Cool places that I want to visit.
Jay DiPietro
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Places that I want to fo
Jay DiPietro
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Jay DiPietro
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    "Trains usually arrive right on time, so if you’re anxious to get on the platform early — don’t be. Stay warm / cool inside and head up 2 mins early."
    Jay DiPietroJay DiPietro · Agosto 5, 2018
    Stazione ferroviaria
    · New Haven, Stati Uniti
    "The shredded chicken and shredded beef whole wheat empanadas are incredible — juicy and flavorful."
    Jay DiPietroJay DiPietro · Gennaio 4, 2018
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "Emmie is great!! Unbelievable cut, great conversation and very friendly. A pleasure to have your hair cut! And if that's not enough they give you a free beer or whiskey to drink while you wait"
    Jay DiPietroJay DiPietro · Luglio 6, 2015
    Barbieri e parrucchieri
    · Jersey City, Stati Uniti
    "Use your student ID for great savings! Kind of unfortunate they don't remind you to do this when you're clearly of "student age""
    Jay DiPietroJay DiPietro · Giugno 13, 2015
    Sala cinematografica
    · Enfield, Stati Uniti
    "If you order the buffalo wings as an appetizer, keep in mind the buffalo sauce comes on the side with the blue cheese. If you want them dunked, ask!"
    Jay DiPietroJay DiPietro · Gennaio 3, 2015
    · Stratton, Stati Uniti
    "Truffle fries were delicious, however I was unhappy with my burger and the service. Although they were quick, the waitress had an attitude and the chef was "angry" that we asked for something held."
    Jay DiPietroJay DiPietro · Gennaio 17, 2012
    Pub ristorante
    · Steamboat Springs, Stati Uniti