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Δεξαμενή, Atene
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  • Theofanis S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Theofanis SklirisFebbraio 21, 2015
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Best restaurant to eat gourmet food in good prices ! Quick staff and delicious meals!!!
  • The Taste Sherifficona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    The Taste SheriffMarzo 30, 2017
    Great (mainly) lunch place in Kolonaki. Try the lentils salad and the spinach pie appetizer. Fairly priced too.
  • Myrto K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Myrto KostadimaAprile 6, 2015
    Quick and friendly service for a group of 12. Great spot for brunch with a wide variety of options to satisfy any taste. Loved the croque madame and the energy bliss smoothie.
  • Nancy P.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Nancy PanagopoulouNovembre 22, 2016
    Οι ωραιότερες σούπες και όμορφες επιλογές για υγιεινό γεύμα! Ωστόσο θα ήθελα και κάποιες νέες προτάσεις στο μενού! Επική καρμπονάρα και κριθαρωτο, πολύ ωραία κεμπάπ γαλοπούλας, στα - το κοτομπιφτεκι
  • Irida S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Irida StaMarzo 16, 2017
    Πολύ όμορφο και ζεστό μέρος, υπέροχο μενού με ασυνήθιστες γεύσεις και αρκετά χορτοφαγικά πιάτα! Θα μας ξαναδείτε! 👏😊
  • Nefeliicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    NefeliFebbraio 12, 2020
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    Healthy food! Wide variety.... friendly service! Not easy to find strictly vegan options this should be improved.
  • Lamar J.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Lamar JohnsonLuglio 15, 2019
    IT was just what my body needed. We had the marinated chicken with Basmati rice and the homemade pasta, pesto with chicken; Delightful. Lovely atmosphere, cool vibe and very helpful staff. 👌🏾
  • Virtue ★.
    Virtue ★Aprile 4, 2016
    Όμορφος χώρος με οικολογικό προσανατολισμό! Λίγο σκοτεινός βέβαια! Ενδιαφέρων κατάλογος με σχετικά καλές τιμές. Μου άρεσε εξίσου η πίτσα με παρμεζάνα κ τα pancakes. Απαγορεύεται το κάπνισμα μέσα!!
  • Alexandros P.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Alexandros PlexidasOttobre 2, 2017
    Liked the food, the service and the decoration but the place can get very busy and thus difficult to find a spot. Greatly recommended, however, for a healthy quick bite or lunch.
  • Spiros T.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Spiros TheocharisAprile 21, 2019
    Amazing decoration. With a rustic type of feeling . A lot of healthy choices ranging from sandwiches to wraps and salads.
  • Natalia A.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Natalia ArsandSettembre 14, 2020
    Many vegetarian options, a few vegan as well. Great ambience and service.
  • Stylian C.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Stylian ChairopoulosLuglio 25, 2017
    The place has cozy atmosphere and very friendly staff! Great gourmet food and healthy too! Espresso rating 8/10
  • Joanna C.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Joanna CharitakiFebbraio 8, 2016
    To croque madame teleiws apotyxia,oi merides mikres, o xwros poli zestos kai to service eugeniko. Genika oti dokimasame apo brunch itan aplws geustiko xwris kati ouaou.Den tha to ksanaepiskeptomoun...
  • George E.
    George ErotidisDicembre 5, 2018
    Best place for a quick breakfast in the city before your shopping spree in Kolonaki. Homemade sandwiches to die for in a nice, modern ambiance!
  • George E.
    George ErotidisNovembre 13, 2018
    Best place for a quick breakfast in the city before your shopping spree in Kolonaki. Homemade sandwiches to die for in a nice, modern ambience!
  • Nenad V.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Nenad VasićAgosto 8, 2016
    Very nice restaurant. Everything we ordered was tasty - from best lemonade ever, over apettizer's to main meal. If you visit Athens, don't miss it.
  • Martin v.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Martin van HerwerdenMarzo 10, 2017
    Great place in a city with so many awful tourist traps. Good quality food for a good price. States to serve healthy food but has enough choices for people without any diet!
  • Magy K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Magy KontouFebbraio 13, 2015
    Delicious desserts, don't miss the fondant with chocolate and ice cream orange. Lovely decoration.
  • Giorgos T.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Giorgos TheodoridisFebbraio 25, 2018
    Went there yesterday first time. Nice atmosphere. Tried the tuna fillet which was great. The soup also was good. Definitely will visit again
  • Maria B.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Maria BakNovembre 1, 2014
    Όμορφος,ζεστός χώρος! Το προσωπικό πολυ ευγενικό κ το φαγητό αρκετά καλό! Δοκίμασα τα σκιουφιχτα ζυμαρικά με πεστο,σπανάκι κ μυζηθρα κ ήταν πολθ γευστικά! Value for money σίγουρα, γίνεται στέκι εύκολα
  • Eudoxia P.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Eudoxia Pap🍉Gennaio 24, 2015
    Πολύ καλές τιμές! Υγιεινό φαγητό και αρκετά χορταστικό.! Πολύ καλές τιμές και τα ροφήματα επίσης! Άψογη εξυπηρέτηση! Φοβερή διακόσμηση..
  • Antonis K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Antonis KalipetisFebbraio 19, 2017
    Nice and cozy place with interesting tastes. Great to grab a bite with some wine or one of the cocktails.
  • Christos V.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Christos ValtadorosDicembre 22, 2015
    Comfy & unpretentious ambience. Nice spot for an out-of-the-box breakfast...
  • Chara S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Chara SeretiOttobre 12, 2014
    Amazing breakfast on Sundays. Try the poached eggs with the spinach salad 😀😀😀 and enjoyyy
  • Elena K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Elena KaraboikiMarzo 27, 2016
    È stato qui più di 5 volte
    Αγαπημένο εστιατόριο με ιδιαίτερα και πεντανόστιμα πιάτα. Όμορφος χώρος, φιλόξενο προσωπικό, καλή λίστα κρασιών. Ελαφρώς τσιμπημένες οι τιμές για το μέγεθος των μερίδων.
  • Maria C.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Maria ChristopoulouGennaio 25, 2016
    Tasty brunch! Nice environment! Great service! A bit pricey! The only downside were the small pancakes..!
  • Kyriakos G.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Kyriakos G. 🍺 🍔Agosto 30, 2017
    Nice sandwich choices with tasty and unusual ingredients! Lovely coffee though!
  • 99tails
    99tailsDicembre 1, 2018
    I had a breakfast 🍳 and it’s price was equal with the taste. It’s quite expensive but tasty 😊
  • The Athenian C.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    The Athenian ChicMaggio 17, 2015
    Interesting menu, nice service and modern, cozy environment. Really good pasta and reasonable prices. Try the papardelle bolognese.
  • elena h.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    elena hadjineocleousOttobre 18, 2015
    Υπεροχη ατμοσφαιρα, απο τις καλυτερες επιλογες για brunch, ειδικα αν σας αρεσουν τα αυγα. Ολα προσεγμένα και όμορφα. Αξίζει το κόπο!!
  • Evans C.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Evans CMarzo 31, 2015
    Nice place in Kolonaki to grab a quick quality lunch with relatively original food. Recommended.
  • G.G.Hicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    G.G.HNovembre 9, 2015
    Το πιο σοβαρό κ ευγενικό σέρβις της πόλης . Ωραίος καφές , χαμογελαστές ιδιοκτήτριες , σούπες υπέροχες , έξυπνο μενού αλλα έχει θέλει ανανέωση ριζική η έστω μια εξέλιξη !
  • Ismini T.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Ismini TornivoukaMaggio 30, 2015
    Love the food and concept here! Great for a quick meal!
  • Tereza K.
    Tereza Karv 🍴🍷Febbraio 16, 2015
    Ο κάτω χώρος πολύ πιο άνετος από επάνω. Ωραία αισθητική και ζεστή ατμόσφαιρα. Αν κ πολύ καλή η προσθήκη του πράσινου μήλου, το φαλάφελ δε με ενθουσίασε ιδιαίτερα.
  • o_miaxaraicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    o_miaxaraOttobre 30, 2016
    Γράφει ο άλλος ο γκάου οι τουαλέτες δίπλα στην κουζίνα. Ε και? Και στο σπίτι μου η τουαλέτα δίπλα στην κουζίνα είναι. Πολύ ωραίο και το brunch σούπερ
  • Elena S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Elena SkMarzo 15, 2015
    Excellent stop-over on a shopping day. Tasty food, small portions, prices on the upper scale.
  • Giovanni T.
    Giovanni TheoAgosto 29, 2013
    È stato qui più di 25 volte
    Ανανεωμενο,σε καινούριο μεγαλύτερο χώρο(και εξωτερικά με πιο πολλά τραπέζια)στην σκουφά μόλις 50 μετρα από το προηγουμενο και πιο κοντά στην πλατεία κολωνακιου.Οσο για τα υπολοιπα:γνωστές γευσεις...
  • Apostolos R.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Apostolos RoubelakisAprile 13, 2015
    Good food, fresh and organic. Nice meeting spot. Ideal for breakfast, lunch, brunch
  • Vasilis L.
    Vasilis L.Gennaio 13, 2014
    Ευχάριστα ανανεωμένος χώρος, που συμβαδίζει με το λιτό & απέριττο στυλ της εποχής όχι όμως και ο κατάλογος που έχει μείνει στην προ 5ετίας εποχή του κολωνακίου όσον αφορά το (not) value for money menu
  • Rania K.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Rania KanatakiDicembre 7, 2017
    Fantastic aesthetic, perfect food-loved the poached eggs fr Saturday brunch!
  • Nese S.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Nese SenGennaio 28, 2017
    Almost everything is delicious-one of the best brunch spot in the town
  • katia c.
    katia chMaggio 18, 2014
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    Εξαιρετικός καφές, καλή ποιότητα φαγητού! Χαίρομαι να πηγαίνω σε τέτοιους χωρους που σέβονται τον πελάτη με τις παροχές που προσφερουν
  • Love.around.the.worldicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Love.around.the.worldGennaio 19, 2015
    Πολύ όμορφος χώρος κ ωραία φάση για Κυριακή μεσημέρι με live jazz band. Μικρό μενού, λίγο αδιάφορα και ακριβά τα πιάτα. Τα γλυκά εμοιαζαν πιο δελεαστικά.. Next time
  • Ευίνα Κ.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Ευίνα ΚμDicembre 13, 2015
    Πρωτοτυπες προτασεις! Παγωτο με γευση ουζο! Αρκετα ζεστη ατμοσφαιρα :-)
  • Elli T.
    Elli T.Gennaio 4, 2015
    Lovely place, friendly and calm with great sweets in very good prices for Kolonaki.
  • Eleni Santarozaicona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Eleni SantarozaLuglio 21, 2015
    È stato qui più di 10 volte
    Όλα πεντανόστιμα και υγιεινά! Άψογη εξυπηρέτηση! Το καλύτερο για ένα γεύμα μετά την δουλειά στο Κολωνάκι!
  • Lefteris M.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Lefteris MoissiadisOttobre 10, 2014
    Unique menu, extraordinaire facade and sophisticated crowd. Very recommended.
  • Svetika &.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Svetika <3Marzo 9, 2015
    The waiter treated us very impolitely when we were finishing our brunch with coffee. He literally came and said we need to change our reserved table for 5 ppl and relocate somehow to a smaller one.
  • Demi V.icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Demi VourdaNovembre 6, 2013
    Εξαιρετικό φαγητό. Δοκιμάστε σούπα ημέρας, ραβιολια με ανθότυρο και απίστευτες πατάτες Κύπρου με φετούλα. Επίσης, πολυ ωραίος χώρος.
  • Argini✨icona di cuore sull'immagine utente
    Argini✨Ottobre 5, 2014
    Wonderful place, friendly staff and great menu! Try the "Trahanoto" :)
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