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Nomadic since Apr 2010. Writing about my independent travel adventures to inform & inspire others to travel on http://globetrottergirls.com.

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New York
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Chiang Mai
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Buenos Aires
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Siem Reap
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Globetrottergirls Dani
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Globetrottergirls Dani
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    "The $15 burger, fries & soda combo at Tiki Chick (upstairs) is one of the best deals here.. they have a variety of burgers, including a vegan option."
    Globetrottergirls DaniGlobetrottergirls Dani · 3 settimane fa
    Area ristorazione
    · Brooklyn, Stati Uniti
    "Take your pastry & coffee over to Central Park and enjoy it with this view (Hernshead)"
    · New York, Stati Uniti
    "There’s a really nice Starbucks Reserve bar (a fancier version of a regular Sbux) behind the Dolce & Gabbana store. Plugs at most tables and great airport views. Follow the signs to the C,D,E gates."
    Globetrottergirls DaniGlobetrottergirls Dani · Febbraio 27
    · Doha, Qatar
    "Grab a Turkish coffee or a cappuccino and watch the world go by on Siwa’s main square… or ask for the wifi password, and see what I’ve been up to since I left Siwa 😉(IG: Globetrottergirls)"
    Globetrottergirls DaniGlobetrottergirls Dani · Febbraio 23
    · Sīwah, Egitto
    "The $7 grain bowl is amazing! It’s tasty, healthy and the cheapest bowl you’ll find in Venice. (Burgers are cheap too - only $3.95)"
    Globetrottergirls DaniGlobetrottergirls Dani · Dicembre 16, 2021
    · Los Angeles, Stati Uniti
    "The Taco Tuesday deal is unbeatable- $2 per taco.. and they’re delicious! Plus happy hour all night long ($5 margaritas, $3 beers, $6 wine)."
    Globetrottergirls DaniGlobetrottergirls Dani · Dicembre 15, 2021
    · Venice, Stati Uniti