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Food with Shayne

Food with Shayne


Food Blogger. Indian in Saudi Arabia. Eating Worldwide. Follow me on Facebook, Zomato, Twitter & Instagram: @foodwithshayne. Tag your pics #FoodwithShayne

Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia · Superuser icon?Superuser Livello 5
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Food with Shayne
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    Consigli recenti di Food
    "An amazing breakfast place known for its Camel & Lamb Liver Sandwiches. They are delicious and I love it extra spicy 😍"
    Food with ShayneFood with Shayne · Ottobre 28
    · Dammām, Arabia Saudita
    "If you want to buy some pork in Calicut this is the place to come to. They have great cuts of belly pork, but for the freshest meat, visit on a Sunday!"
    Food with ShayneFood with Shayne · Ottobre 2
    · Kozhikode, India
    "The coffee isn’t the greatest compared to the other coffee shops in and around Khobar. They have ‘Churros’ though that I quite liked!"
    Food with ShayneFood with Shayne · Ottobre 2
    · Khobar, Arabia Saudita
    "Order the ‘Density Spanish Latte’ Hot here and you wont regret it. It can be very crowded late evenings so the best time to visit would be early evenings."
    Food with ShayneFood with Shayne · Ottobre 2
    · Khobar, Arabia Saudita
    "Nice atmosphere, decently priced and good sliders on their menu. The staff are very friendly and I recommend you try the Dice Fries 😍👌🏽"
    Food with ShayneFood with Shayne · Ottobre 2
    · Khobar, Arabia Saudita
    "This is the only place that serves a Donut Burger or atleast the only place i know off. The beef patty is delicious and this sweet & savoury burger is well worth it!"
    Food with ShayneFood with Shayne · Ottobre 2
    · Jidhafs, Bahrain