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Le Pigeon is one of Eater PDX 38.

1. Le Pigeon

738 E Burnside St (NE 7th ave), Portland, OR
Ristorante francese · 92 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: You’ll find pickled onions on your burger and foie gras in your profiterole, but also some killer fried green tomatoes on your pork belly and a really good chicken-under-a-brick. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Park Kitchen is one of Eater PDX 38.

2. Park Kitchen

422 NW 8th Ave (at NW Gilsan St), Portland, OR
Nuovo ristorante americano · 28 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Scott Dolish likes to pair flavor combinations you wouldn’t expect to work. Fries are actually tempura beans and bacon, and small plates like duck confit crepe brighten up the décor. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Toro Bravo is one of Eater PDX 38.

3. Toro Bravo

120 NE Russell St (btw NE Rodney & M L King), Portland, OR
Ristorante con specialità tapas · 105 consigli e recensioni
Simpatica Dining Hall is one of Eater PDX 38.

4. Simpatica Dining Hall

828 SE Ash St, Portland, OR
Posto per la colazione · 18 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: For brunch, the menu here ranges from staples, to prosecco-braised pork shoulders and butternut squash strata. It’s worth the wait. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Beaker & Flask is one of Eater PDX 38.

5. Beaker & Flask

727 SE Washington St (at SE Sandy Blvd), Portland, OR
Lounge · 23 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Beaker & Flask elevates the idea of "bar food" past burger-and-fries into territory more likely to offer skate wing, chicken livers, and maple-braised pork belly. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Nostrana is one of Eater PDX 38.

6. Nostrana

1401 SE Morrison St (SE 14th Ave), Portland, OR
Ristorante italiano · 81 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Intensely regional Italian food, wood-fired oven pizza, and a totally accessible menu make Cathy Whims (once of Genoa) the most renowned female chef in Portland. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Biwa is one of Eater PDX 38.

7. Biwa

215 SE 9th Ave (at SE Ash St), Portland, OR
Ristorante giapponese · 82 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: One part ramen den, one part izakaya, two parts modernista basement bunker, this chef hangout is run by the most improbable Japanese cook in town: a white guy from Michigan. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Nong’s Khao Man Gai is one of Eater PDX 38.

8. Nong’s Khao Man Gai

609 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR 97214, Portland, OR
Ristorante thai · 119 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Of course, Nong's addictive signature dish, a Thai take on Hainan chicken, takes center stage, here and at Nong's two food cart locations, at SW Alder and at the PSU cart pod. [Eater 38 Member]

Olympia Provisions SE is one of Eater PDX 38.

9. Olympia Provisions SE

107 SE Washington St (at SE 3rd Ave), Portland, OR
Ristorante europeo moderno · 113 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: It's best known for its meat, but venture past the charceuterie plate into an omnivore paradise, with rustic takes on Brussels sprouts, marinated anchovies and roasted cod. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Bunk Sandwiches is one of Eater PDX 38.

10. Bunk Sandwiches

621 SE Morrison St (btw SE 6th & 7th Ave), Portland, OR
Paninoteca · 57 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Tommy Habetz and Nick Wood have turned this little storefront into a local legend. What you get here aren’t just sandwiches – these are entire meals served between slices of bread. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Evoe at Pastaworks is one of Eater PDX 38.

11. Evoe at Pastaworks

3735 SE Hawthorne Blvd (37th), Portland, OR
Paninoteca · 13 consigli e recensioni
Beast is one of Eater PDX 38.

12. Beast

5425 NE 30th Ave (at NE Killingsworth St), Portland, OR
Ristorante francese · 31 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: It's a splurge, but each prix-fixe seating is like a dinner party gone carnivorously crazy. Get the charcuterie plates, and braised duck or beef cheeks if they're available. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Ned Ludd is one of Eater PDX 38.

13. Ned Ludd

3925 NE M L King Blvd (at NE Failing St), Portland, OR
Nuovo ristorante americano · 42 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Everything is cooked in a wood-fired oven, get the meat pies (with an exclamation point on the menu), roasted seasonal vegetables, and S’Mores for dessert. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Grain & Gristle is one of Eater PDX 38.

14. Grain & Gristle

1473 NE Prescott St (at NE 15th Ave), Portland, OR
Bar · 48 consigli e recensioni
Ocean City Seafood is one of Eater PDX 38.

15. Ocean City Seafood

3016 SE 82nd Ave (at SE Brooklyn St), Portland, OR
Ristorante dim sum · 18 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: This dim sum and seafood house is the cheapest ticket to Hong Kong. They’ve got classic and hard-to-find Chinese seafood preparations that usually involve batter and hot oil. [Eater 38 Member]

Bröder Cafe is one of Eater PDX 38.

16. Bröder Cafe

2508 SE Clinton St (at SE 25th Ave), Portland, OR
Ristorante scandinavo · 82 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: If Alvar aalto and Betty Crocker had a love child, it would be this Southeast Clinton Scandinavian place. Broder’s brunch is the most inventive in Portland. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

The Woodsman Tavern is one of Eater PDX 38.

17. The Woodsman Tavern

4537 SE Division St (SE 46th Ave), Portland, OR
Pub ristorante · 60 consigli e recensioni
Portobello Vegan Trattoria is one of Eater PDX 38.

18. Portobello Vegan Trattoria

1125 SE Division St (at SE 11th Ave.), Portland, OR
Ristorante vegetariano e vegano · 36 consigli e recensioni
Podnah's Pit BBQ is one of Eater PDX 38.

19. Podnah's Pit BBQ

1625 NE Killingsworth St (at NE 16th Ave), Portland, OR
Locale per barbecue · 120 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Podnah’s hits the lowest common denominator of what makes food satisfying: salt, sweetness, fat, and Rodney Muirhead’s sauce has the perfect acidity. The brisket is perfectly smoked. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Ken's Artisan Bakery is one of Eater PDX 38.

20. Ken's Artisan Bakery

338 NW 21st Ave (at Flanders St), Portland, OR
Panetteria · 96 consigli e recensioni
Restaurant St Jack is one of Eater PDX 38.

21. Restaurant St Jack

1610 NW 23rd Ave (NW Raleigh Street), Portland, OR
Ristorante francese · 46 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: St. Jack is cultivating a well-deserved reputation as an incubator for up-and-coming talent. Sit back and enjoy a few whiskey cocktails, rich escargot gratin and roasted bone marrow. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

DOC is one of Eater PDX 38.

22. DOC

5519 NE 30th Ave (at NE Killingsworth St.), Portland, OR
Nuovo ristorante americano · 15 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: In a city where "seasonal" is a menu must-have, DOC's truly highlights the Pacific Northwest's best. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Country Cat Dinnerhouse & Bar is one of Eater PDX 38.

23. Country Cat Dinnerhouse & Bar

7937 SE Stark St (at SW 80th Ave), Portland, OR
Ristorante americano · 64 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: The Country Cat is all about American food, prepared by a chef, Adam Sappington, who understands the nuances of old world cuisine. The fried chicken here is out of control. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Red Onion Thai is one of Eater PDX 38.

24. Red Onion Thai

1123 NW 23rd Ave (at NW Northrup St), Portland, OR
Ristorante thai · 32 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Flavorful curries, appropriately spicy larbs, and an extra menu full of more authentic dishes (including the oxtail soup) elevates the Thai take-out experience to sublime heights. [Eater 38 Member]

Jade Bistro & Patisserie is one of Eater PDX 38.

25. Jade Bistro & Patisserie

7912 SE 13th Ave (between Lexington & Miller), Portland, OR
Ristorante vietnamita · 53 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: This casual lunch counter successfully borrows from several savory Asian influences, then about-faces and tantalizes the sweet tooth with a bakery case full of French macaroons. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Natural Selection is one of Eater PDX 38.

26. Natural Selection

3033 NE Alberta St (NE 30th), Portland, OR
Ristorante vegetariano e vegano · 15 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Chef Aaron Woo gives Portland vegetarians what they've long been craving: an upscale vegetarian dining experience. & the $35 four-course prix fixe is one of the best deals in town. [Eater 38 Member]

Metrovino is one of Eater PDX 38.

27. Metrovino

1139 NW 11th Ave (NE Northrup St), Portland, OR
Wine bar · 18 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Chef Greg Denton consistently serves up the most experimental dishes in the Pearl. Do take a look at the rotating "charceuterie plate," a cacophony of proteins and preparations. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Little Big Burger is one of Eater PDX 38.

28. Little Big Burger

122 NW 10th Ave (btwn NW Davis & NW Couch St), Portland, OR
Locale per hamburger · 134 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Little Big Burger delivers consistently tasty burgers with the speed (but not the cost) of a NYC lunch counter, finally bringing a quick and cheap option to the heart of the Pearl. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Genoa is one of Eater PDX 38.

29. Genoa

2832 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR
Ristorante italiano · 6 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: This storied Italian spot serves up five-course stunners featuring complex, polished pastas and even more elegant service. Get the rack of lamb. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Screen Door is one of Eater PDX 38.

30. Screen Door

2337 E Burnside St (at NE 24th Ave.), Portland, OR
Ristorante con cucina degli Stati Uniti del Sud · 222 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Local-sourced and southern-fried, everything on this menu from the pimento cheese scramble to the brined bird keeps the locals lining up for seconds, thirds and fourths. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen is one of Eater PDX 38.

31. Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen

1038 SW Stark St (at SW 11th Ave.), Portland, OR
Paninoteca · 138 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: The closest thing Portland has to a New York-style Jewish deli. No "artisan" sandwiches here, just simple, unpretentious towers of pastrami, chopped brisket and pickled tongue. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

32. Castagna

1752 SE Hawthorne Blvd (at SE Poplar Ave), Portland, OR
Ristorante americano · 24 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Matt Lightner has caught the attention of everyone from Food & Wine to the NYT, and Castagna has quickly become the poster-child of an elegantly "au natural" culinary movement. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Apizza Scholls is one of Eater PDX 38.

33. Apizza Scholls

4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd (at SE 47th Ave), Portland, OR
Pizzeria · 83 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Thin-crust East Coast/New Haven-style pizza, this southeast joint closes when they out of dough, which they stick in a 650-900-degree oven and char the daylights out of. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Tasty 'N Sons is one of Eater PDX 38.

34. Tasty 'N Sons

3808 N Williams Ave (at N Beech St), Portland, OR
Nuovo ristorante americano · 236 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: John Gorham's insanely popular second spot reinvents Portland's favorite meal — brunch — taking it to new heights worth the inevitable looooong wait. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Laurelhurst Market is one of Eater PDX 38.

35. Laurelhurst Market

3155 E Burnside St (at NE 32nd Ave), Portland, OR
Bisteccheria · 83 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: This combination butchery counter, steakhouse, and sandwich stop ushered in an entire movement toward meat. The bar features Portland's most famous cocktail: The Smoke Signal. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Andina is one of Eater PDX 38.

36. Andina

1314 NW Glisan St (at NW 13th Ave), Portland, OR
Ristorante peruviano · 153 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Pearl District stalwart Andina delivers an upscale take on Peruvian cuisine, gussied up with fresh PNW ingredients and artfully presented. [Eater 38 Member]

Lucky Strike Chinese Restaurant is one of Eater PDX 38.

37. Lucky Strike Chinese Restaurant

3862 SE Hawthorne Blvd (Cesar Chavez Blvd (39th Ave)), Portland, OR
Ristorante cinese · 24 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Portland’s best Sichuan spot . Unmissable dishes include the “hot pepper chicken bath” or the insanely cumin-tastic cumin beef, finished with a touch of prickly ash. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Pok Pok is one of Eater PDX 38.

38. Pok Pok

3226 SE Division St (at SE 32nd Ave), Portland, OR
Ristorante thai · 310 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Classically trained chef Andy Ricker is now a certified empire-builder, but it’s worth a trip here if you want to never look at Thai food the same way again. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Aviary is one of Eater PDX 38.

39. Aviary

1733 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR
Nuovo ristorante americano · 29 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Go for the creamed cauliflower soup, oxtail croquettes, and what's turning out to be the spot's signature dish: Crispy pig ear served over coconut rice. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Tanuki is one of Eater PDX 38.

40. Tanuki

8029 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215, Portland, OR
Bar da sake · 22 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Invest in the chef's omakase (seafood's the focus here) and watch as a pile of inventive plates arrive to the table. [Eater 38 Member]

Bar Avignon is one of Eater PDX 38.

41. Bar Avignon

2138 SE Division St, Portland, OR
Wine bar · 20 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: This is what every cliched European wine bar strives to be, complete with sprawling wine list, locally inspired (and constantly rotating) menu, and killer mussels. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Paley's Place is one of Eater PDX 38.

42. Paley's Place

1204 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR
Nuovo ristorante americano · 34 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: This is the Balthazar of Portland: the place that everyone agrees on, and a restaurant that manages to be creative, yet so classic. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Lincoln Restaurant is one of Eater PDX 38.

43. Lincoln Restaurant

3808 N Williams Ave (at NE Failing), Portland, OR
Nuovo ristorante americano · 19 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Jenn Louis' restaurant is an admirable study in simplicity. From Louis' signature baked eggs appetizer to layered salads and pastas, the fresh and subtle restaurant lays on the charm. [Eater 38 Member Leggi tutto.

Tabla Mediterranean Bistro is one of Eater PDX 38.

44. Tabla Mediterranean Bistro

200 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR
Ristorante con cucina mediterranea · 12 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Tabla’s three-course prix fixe meal, put together by Anthony Cafiero, is one of the best deals in town, and his northern Italian menu one of Portland's most underrated. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Toro Bravo is one of Eater PDX 38.

45. Toro Bravo

120 NE Russell St (btw NE Rodney & M L King), Portland, OR
Ristorante con specialità tapas · 105 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Toro Bravo is about as Spanish as the French revolution, but this is damn good food. Get there right when it opens — at five — and be ready to fight for your spot. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Grüner is one of Eater PDX 38.

46. Grüner

527 SW 12th Ave (btw Alder & Washington St), Portland, OR
Ristorante tedesco · 58 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Though the menu takes inspiration from the Black Forest to the Black Sea (complete with bratwurst, ja?), it deserves highest marks for its burger, hands-down one of the city's best. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Bamboo Sushi is one of Eater PDX 38.

47. Bamboo Sushi

310 SE 28th Ave (at SE Pine), Portland, OR
Ristorante sushi · 77 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Portland's "green" ethos is no more obvious than at Bamboo, the world's first certified-sustainable sushi restaurant. The Alaskan black cod is one of the top fish dishes in town. [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Clyde Common is one of Eater PDX 38.

48. Clyde Common

1014 SW Stark St (btw SW 10th & 11th Ave.), Portland, OR
Ristorante americano · 220 consigli e recensioni

EaterEater: Clyde Common’s uber-hip, dimly lit common room offers a snapshot of Portland, Oregon in all its skinny jeans-wearing, pork belly-eating, pig-loving, slow food glory. Negroni anyone? [Eater 38 Member] Leggi tutto.

Give Pizza A Chance is one of Eater PDX 38.

49. Give Pizza A Chance

450 SW Stark St (at SW 5th Ave), Portland, OR
Pizzeria · 11 consigli e recensioni

Portland MonthlyPortland Monthly: Last summer, when Scott Davison, 38, took over this downtown lunch cart from John Eads (now of Pyro Pizza—see p. 48), he set about perfecting his crust with an artist’s devotion. Leggi tutto.