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Ilias Chantzakos

Ilias Chantzakos


Greek in Düsseldorf. Foursquare Superuser. Eat well & travel often 😀

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Ilias Chantzakos
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Ilias Chantzakos
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Ilias Chantzakos
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Ilias Chantzakos
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    Consigli recenti di Ilias
    "It's a nice place to watch the crowds go by and enjoy cakes or sandwitches. Coffee is average at best."
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · 2 settimane fa
    · Düsseldorf, Germania
    "New location on the old market square. Truly excellent pizza in many variations with artisan ingredients. One of only five German pizzerias certifed by the Association of Neapolitan pizza. Must visit!"
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · Agosto 21
    · Dortmund, Germania
    "Third branch of Bonanza Coffee Roasters, this one in the city center. Excellent brewed coffee and espresso based drinks (incl. iced), some pastries to pair, and many different roasted beans for home."
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · Luglio 29
    · Berlino, Germania
    "It's farther from the airport than all other car parks. It's open air (rain etc). Part of the route (towards the end) does not even have a pavement so you walk on the street. Another sloppy BER design"
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · Luglio 28
    · Germania
    "The small island connected to the mainland with a stretch of land looks nice in photos. But the beach is all rockyn in and out of the water, pure pain and danger. I'll never return here for swimming."
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · Luglio 16
    · Taormina, Italia
    "A very nice dining experience in Dusseldorf, with original Latin American staff and food in a cozy space. The ceviche was excellent, grilled heart skewers & causa limeña were good too.We'll come back!"
    Ilias ChantzakosIlias Chantzakos · Giugno 9
    · Düsseldorf, Germania