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Dwight ดนัย

Dwight ดนัย


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Dwight ดนัย
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Hunting eats in Colombo!
Dwight ดนัย
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    Consigli recenti di Dwight ดนัย
    "This lame cafeteria food is your last chance to ruin your food memories of Bangalore."
    Dwight ดนัยDwight ดนัย · Giugno 8, 2018
    · Devanhalli, India
    "Boat noodle hot pot with a tasty broth (yaaay msg), but the meat is really tough. Best thing in the bowls is the broth and bits of liver."
    Dwight ดนัยDwight ดนัย · Novembre 6, 2017
    "New, better location. Same vibe, little pomp and great service. Good food is a new plus. Karaage makes a great drinking snack. Get smoky really fast and single malt selection and availability varies."
    Dwight ดนัยDwight ดนัย · Settembre 24, 2017
    · Thailandia
    "Peanuts stale and music bad, but the beer tastes great. 7 beers on tap and plenty of bottles to take away."
    Dwight ดนัยDwight ดนัย · Agosto 15, 2017
    · พระไขนง, Thailandia
    "Pasta was good, very rich. Thai staff ok, but foreign manager is an a$$."
    Dwight ดนัยDwight ดนัย · Luglio 27, 2017
    · กระบี่, Thailandia
    "Beautiful tortilla and excellent tapas or galatian food but can't give my full recommendation because the service can be really slow (especially if you're seated on the terrace or far from the bar)."
    Dwight ดนัยDwight ดนัย · Giugno 6, 2017
    · Madrid, Spagna