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Debbie Pham

Debbie Pham


Houston, TX
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Debbie Pham
5 posti aggiornati Febbraio 22, 2014
5 posti incluso Voodoo Queen, The Pastry War, 3rd Floor, Cottonwood
Debbie Pham
2 posti aggiornati Ottobre 6, 2013
2 posti incluso EurAsia Fusion Sushi, Coppa Ristorante Italiano
Debbie Pham
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6 posti incluso The Shaved Ice & Fun Food Factory, Fat Cat Creamery, Grand Prize Bar, The Dogwood
Debbie Pham
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    Consigli recenti di Debbie
    "$12 lunch specials! Comes with two meat choices, rice, half salad, and miso soup 😅 I ordered way more doe.."
    Debbie PhamDebbie Pham · Luglio 18, 2014
    · Houston, Stati Uniti
    "If you like beer and want a cozy place to wind down at then this is your place. Super chill on weeknights and not overly crowded. My beer = Flying Dog Raging Bitch 😂"
    Debbie PhamDebbie Pham · Luglio 2, 2014
    Birreria all'aperto
    · Houston, Stati Uniti
    "First time here and the service was terrible.. I went with all my coworkers and all of them had complaints with service"
    Debbie PhamDebbie Pham · Maggio 17, 2014
    Pub ristorante
    · Houston, Stati Uniti
    "Get the stuffed chicken with broccoli cheese and rice! It is the best during the holidays!! Pop it in the oven for an hour and you're good to go!"
    Debbie PhamDebbie Pham · Novembre 27, 2013
    · Houston, Stati Uniti
    "If you are going here to study, there are only about 2-3 outlets along the wall. Charge your laptops beforehand!"
    Debbie PhamDebbie Pham · Settembre 17, 2013
    Sala da tè
    · Houston, Stati Uniti
    "First week of school, parking is free! Good tip for the returning students that are feeling lazy the first week and wanna park on the metered parking"
    Debbie PhamDebbie Pham · Agosto 29, 2013
    · Houston, Stati Uniti