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Foursquare ti aiuta a trovare i luoghi perfetti a Pacific Beach dove andare con gli amici:

  • La gente dice anche (6consigli):

    • Shaun F.
      Shaun Flak: "In case you don't have cash you can buy farmers bucks, $20 worth for $21 and it works exactly like cash and you even get change with real cash! Love it!"
  • 8.9

    Better Buzz Coffee

    Coffee-shop 1909 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA

    La gente dice anche (59consigli):

    • Corey W.
      Corey Wolf: "Mint Mocha is my one of the favorite I usually come here only for that. It's awesome. also they are the best with their other varieties.I will definitely recommend this to everyone. Nice place."
  • 8.9

    The Local Pacific Beach

    Bar 809 Thomas Ave San Diego, CA

    La gente dice anche (14consigli):

    • Shannon D.
      Shannon Donnelly: "A line to get in and then a line to go upstairs, but the top floor was the party scene. Very fun!"
  • 9.2

    Oscar's Mexican Seafood

    Ristorante messicano 703 Turquoise St San Diego, CA

    La gente dice anche (96consigli):

    • ZZubin
      ZZubin: "Some of San Diego's finest tacos....guac is under salted but STRONG showing on the al pastor, the chorizo shrimp, fried fish and the surf n turf tacos. Big avocado slices on erythang"
  • 8.9

    The Grass Skirt Tiki Lounge

    Tiki bar 910 Grand Ave San Diego, CA

    La gente dice anche (7consigli):

    • Paul S.
      Paul Smith: "Drinks were delicious and food was great. The buns were delicious and the salmon ones were sublime!"
  • 9.2

    Leilani's Cafe

    Posto per la colazione 5109 Cass St San Diego, CA

    La gente dice anche (42consigli):

    • LB M.
      LB McPherson: "Yum-O!! This place is amazing!!! I am totally a breakfast purist. I want my bacon, eggs, hash-browns, and toast wherever I go but this place has made me a lover of French toast and Hawaiian sausage!!"

La gente parla di questi luoghi a Pacific Beach:

  • 9.0

    In-N-Out Burger

    Ristorante fast food 2910 Damon Ave San Diego, CA

    La gente dice anche (69consigli):

    • Brett V.
      Brett Venker: "Definitely competing for best burger in San Diego. Meat is never frozen and tastes great. Get a cheeseburger plain and taste the quality"
    • Joseph L.
      Joseph Le: "Double single protein style + animal style and a root beer float, YUM. In other words, lettuce wrapped burger with 2 patties and 1 slice of cheese."
  • 8.9

    CorePower Yoga

    Studio di Yoga 1554 Garnet Ave San Diego, CA

    La gente dice anche (7consigli):

    • Steph B.
      Steph Beck: "Priscilla is amazing at leading a beautifully challenging practice... I look forward to her C2 class every week!"
    • Cameron S.
      Cameron Smead: "Amy P. and Julianne are the BEST C2 and Fusion instructors. And Dee is awesome in the hot yoga class!"
  • 8.9

    The Fishery

    Ristorante di pesce 5040 Cass St San Diego, CA

    La gente dice anche (41consigli):

    • Eater
      Eater: "A local seafood distributor, market and restaurant in one. Chef Paul Arias does right by his product; his Tuesday tasting menu ($28 for 4 courses) is a good time to taste how. [Eater 38 Member]"
    • Ahmed A.
      Ahmed Ashour: "The oysters are some of the best I've had. The fishery rolls were great as well. My lobster was cooked to perfection. Great service and good prices."

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