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I don’t eat, I indulge..

Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
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AlAnoud AlGhunaim
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AlAnoud AlGhunaim
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    Consigli recenti di AlAnoud
    "I swear to god there’s something addictive about his tea. You’ll realize once you see the queue mashallah! Extremely recommend with (habag) it’s a traditional spearheaded basil. 🍃"
    AlAnoud AlGhunaimAlAnoud AlGhunaim · 1 giorno fa
    Sala da tè
    · Riyad, Arabia Saudita
    "Spacious, beautiful during daytime. Food was surprisingly delicious, the salads are unique so worth a try. Came for their festival burger and it was good, not perfect but good. Coming again♥️"
    AlAnoud AlGhunaimAlAnoud AlGhunaim · 2 settimane fa
    Bar Caffè
    · Riyad, Arabia Saudita
    "The decor is extremely relaxing during the day, sunny and perfect in every way possible. Double espresso and chocolates are to die for. Try their desserts on display, the one in the picture was good!"
    AlAnoud AlGhunaimAlAnoud AlGhunaim · 3 settimane fa
    Bar Caffè
    · Riyad, Arabia Saudita
    "Came back for breakfast and I’ve got to say, wow! The various items are great for every taste. Paris Omelette, avocado poached eggs and the exquisite creme brûlée french toast! Long waiting time."
    AlAnoud AlGhunaimAlAnoud AlGhunaim · 3 settimane fa
    · Riyad, Arabia Saudita
    "Came for breakfast, didn’t love it nor hate it. There was something corny about the place. Waiters don’t know how to pronounce the orders, food wasn’t as expected & decor was plainly unsophisticated."
    AlAnoud AlGhunaimAlAnoud AlGhunaim · Novembre 7
    · Riyad, Arabia Saudita
    "Vibrant ambience with cool interiors. The coffee itself is a disaster, extremely sweet! The kind of sweetness that needs to be reconsidered. Zafran booze gave me a stomachache."
    AlAnoud AlGhunaimAlAnoud AlGhunaim · Ottobre 19
    · Riyad, Arabia Saudita