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Albert Qian

Albert Qian


Author, blogger, speaker, social media leader. Comes for the check-ins, stays for the experience. More at www.albertqian.com

San Francisco, CA
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  • Santa Clara
  • San Jose
  • San Francisco
  • Honolulu
  • Los Angeles
  • Irvine
  • Portland
  • Milpitas
  • Banff
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Principali città di Albert
Santa Clara
2 Liste create · 30 Consigli
San Jose
2 Liste create · 25 Consigli
San Francisco
1 Lista creata · 5 Consigli
5 Consigli
Los Angeles
1 Lista creata · 3 Consigli
4 Consigli
3 Liste create · 1 Consiglio
4 Consigli
4 Consigli
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Carica altro
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Albert Qian
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Albert Qian
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Albert Qian
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Albert Qian
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Albert Qian
1 posti aggiornati Dicembre 15, 2012
1 posto incluso Race Street Seafood Kitchen
Albert Qian
3 posti aggiornati Marzo 10, 2013
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    Consigli recenti di Albert
    "Technology consulting firm. Check us out!"
    Albert QianAlbert Qian · Dicembre 16, 2016
    · Irvine, Stati Uniti
    "Great place to raise a family and kids. If you're not doing that here, you're either a sucker for suffering or probably a kid of one of these families."
    Albert QianAlbert Qian · Novembre 11, 2013
    Altri posti all'aperto
    · Stati Uniti
    "My first impression is that this restaurant has no idea what it's identity is. A sushi and Thai menu? Interesting..."
    Albert QianAlbert Qian · Settembre 28, 2013
    · San Jose, Stati Uniti
    "Extra ramen for $1.25."
    Albert QianAlbert Qian · Settembre 20, 2013
    · Santa Clara, Stati Uniti
    "Better described as a hamlet. A few restaurants here and hotels. Two gas stations."
    Albert QianAlbert Qian · Agosto 5, 2013
    Altri posti all'aperto
    · Lake Louise, Canada
    "Continental breakfast is a plus. Wifi can be laggy. Parking in the garage is a joke - little space is available. Other than that it feels like a lodge for sure!"
    Albert QianAlbert Qian · Agosto 5, 2013
    · Banff, Canada