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4sq Thailand

4sq Thailand


ชุมชนเล็กๆ อบอุ่นๆ สำหรับคนไทยใช้ Foursquare มาเที่ยวทั่วไทยกับ Foursquare Thailand กันเถอะ Come to Thailand once in your life. We have many impressive attractions for you to visit. Let's take a break. Follow our suggestion for your guideline to get some fun in Thailand. For further questions or information, please contact us in Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for following.

Bangkok, Thailand
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  • Bangkok
  • Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
  • Pathum Wan
  • Chiang Mai
  • Samphanthawong
  • Sukhothai
  • Phetchaburi
  • Chiang Rai
  • Chatuchak
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Principali città di 4sq Thailand
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Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
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Pathum Wan
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Chiang Mai
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Chiang Rai
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4sq Thailand
36 posti aggiornati Dicembre 28, 2014
Check-in ที่ร้านรองเท้า (Cat. Shoe Store) 15 ที่ต่างกันรับแบจไปครองเลยค่ะ วิธีเปลี่ยนไปเป็น Mobile Site ให้เติม m. หน้า foursquare.com ค่ะ
4sq Thailand
24 posti aggiornati Maggio 5, 2013
Starts from Bangkok - Ayutthaya - Sukhothai - Lampang - Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai in 7 days. Tour description and hotel recommendation as below tips.
4sq Thailand
15 posti aggiornati Gennaio 16, 2012
Bangkok mean the city of angel. You should travel around then you can see many of attraction both ancient and modern.
4sq Thailand
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4sq Thailand
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    Consigli recenti di 4sq Thailand
    "Incredible hotel for family, couples and friends ! Their highlight is Beach X Foam Party ! Various kind of foods. Large pool for adults and children. Staffs are friendly and helpful !"
    4sq Thailand4sq Thailand · Febbraio 26, 2014
    · บางละมุง, Thailandia
    "Shorts is allowed but no jeans. Cash is not accepted. Card is acceptable for foods and drinks. Visitors can purchase at the shop at the entrance ! Wave pool is highly recommended !"
    4sq Thailand4sq Thailand · Luglio 8, 2013
    Parco acquatico
    · อำเภอหัวหิน, Thailandia
    "Admission fee as of today (08/07/2013) THB 600.- net per person for adult and THB 300.- net per child between 5-12 yrs old. Opens daily from 10.00-17.00 hrs."
    4sq Thailand4sq Thailand · Luglio 8, 2013
    Parco acquatico
    · อำเภอหัวหิน, Thailandia
    "Admission fee for 2 hours = THB 600.- net per person and full day = THB 1,200.- net per person. Opens daily from 10.00-17.00 hrs. Price as of today (08/07/2013)"
    4sq Thailand4sq Thailand · Luglio 8, 2013
    Atletica e sport
    · Thailandia
    "Operation time : 06.30-18.30 hrs. dailyใ For Thai people can apply the immigration document at auditory hall in Mae Sai. Foreigner can apply Visa on Arrival at Tha Khee Lek immigration point."
    4sq Thailand4sq Thailand · Dicembre 20, 2012
    · อ.แม่สาย, Thailandia
    "Sit and relax on the riverside next to the pool with peaceful atmosphere. What a great resort in Chiang Rai !"
    4sq Thailand4sq Thailand · Dicembre 20, 2012
    Club vacanze
    · เมืองเชียงราย, Thailandia